The Analytics AI Story

How we aim to bring transparency and actionable insights to your business

The story of Analytics A.I. started with providing our customers detailed audits of their Analytics, Online Advertising and Conversion performance. The unique insights we have provided to our customers has given them amazing opportunities to improve on the return of investment. More leads, less spend and deeper understand of your customers. Now with our new platform we aim to automate this system so our future customer can benefit from the same detailed analyses and opportunities at a fraction of the cost

The Founder

Antonie has been working in the IT industry for over 15 years and has managed and successfully completed many complex projects for large-scale organizations over the years. He has created a niche service for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimisation with clients across both the public and private sector in Ireland, having built his reputation through client referrals and a 100% client retention rate. He founded Seditio in 2014 and Seditio Asia in 2017 and is a speaker and lecturer on Digital Marketing.

The Beginning

Founded by Antonie Geerts and Reyco Evangelista, this venture is a result of connecting Analytics and Digital Marketing expertise with expertise in Web Development, Coding and Machine Learning. The two teamed up when Antonie hired Reyco as a developer for his other ventures namely, Seditio ltd. and Seditio Asia.

Seditio has been working to successfully launch and develop platforms for other start-ups as well as providing Digital Marketing and Conversion Optimization services for international and enterprise businesses since 2014. Thus, with the team’s experience and exposure to the usual challenges that businesses face when it comes to their Digital Marketing costs and Optimizing their online conversions, the creation of a platform that would incorporate these expertise to help small and large businesses make use of their analytics data to make invaluable business savings was inevitable.

Our Brands

Seditio is an established Development, Digital Marketing and Training company founded in Ireland with operations in the Asia Pacific region.

We provide advice and tailored online solutions around Digital Marketing and Web Development to businesses around Ireland and abroad. We have provided support to globally traded businesses, growing companies and government bodies. Our approach is 100% transparent and we always provide our clients a measurable return on their investment through our various services.

The Solution

Analytics A.I. is a SaaS solution was created to provide on-demand and scheduled Google Analytics reporting and analysis for businesses. Essentially, using our platform, businesses will be shown where their online revenue is lost and where online revenue can be gained. It will give businesses a deep understanding of who their customers are and how they interact with their platform. The generated insights are then explained in a language our clients can understand while accompanied with a video explaining it even further so that they can implement the insights and increase their online conversions.

The solution automates the entire process of analytics by applying machine learning algorithms to automatically turn web analytics into insights. This eliminates the need for an engineer, analyst, and/or platform expert. All this is performed at a scale & speed unmatched by humans leading to huge cost savings.

Where Does the analytics AI Idea Come From?

We have been working with many enterprise organizations worldwide to improve their conversion rates and user experience. This process was a manual and expensive endeavor but the benefits for our clients was invaluable. Now with Analytics A.I. we aim to give this same power of data analyses to all sizes of businesses worldwide.

Antonie Geerts
Analytics AI & Seditio Ltd.